I am a paleontologist from Jacksonville, Florida, USA, a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Chicago, and a Research Associate of the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. I have also taught paleontology as an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Illinois Chicago. My work focuses on fossilization, dinosaurs, feather evolution, and sexual selection in both the field and lab through direct analyses of fossils, experimentation, and statistical simulations.


This work is performed alongside an extensive, global network of collaborators and has been covered in media outlets such as: The New York Times, BBC (including National and Bristol radio), The Atlantic, Science, Smithsonian Magazine, Scientific American, Discover Magazine, Earth Magazine, The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, NBC News, ABC News, Illustreret Videnskab, Popular Science, The Economist, International Business Times, Cosmos, Inverse, The Scientist, Live Science, Der Spiegel, Vice, Atlas Obscura, The Conversation, IFLScience, World Science Festival, Chemical & Engineering News, National GeographicPBS Eons, The Naked Scientists and The Skeptics Guide to the Universe.



Ph.D. Geology, University of Bristol (UK), Viva 2018

Thesis: The taphonomy of soft tissues and the evolution of feathers

M.Sc. Distinction, Palaeobiology, University of Bristol (UK), Completed 2015

Thesis: The taphonomy of keratin in archosaurs

B.A. Magna Cum Laude, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University, 2014

Thesis: Paleobiology of North American stegosaurs: Evidence for sexual dimorphism

Media: Princeton University Office of Communications, Princeton Alumni Weekly


General coverage of my research:


Magazine article: Science Illustrated (Danish)

Written interview: Darwin’s Door

Radio interview: These Vibes Are Too Cosmic

Brief mention: D.E. Greenwalt (2023) Remnants of Ancient Life. Princeton U. Press



Stegosaur bone thin section held in front of an image of the bone tissue as viewed under the microscope