Fossil Microbiome

Novel microbes:

Within buried dinosaur bone, 46 new strains of bacteria and archaea were discovered. They present an unusual community composition and interesting metabolisms.

Study: Liang et al. 2020. Environmental Microbiome

Media: Scientific American

Dinosaur bones contain modern microbes:

While buried, dinosaur bones attract diverse, living microbial communities that can complicate attempts to identify ancient organic material.

Study: Saitta et al. 2019. eLife

Media: The Atlantic, The Scientist, Chemical & Engineering News, The Conversation (by study coauthor), briefly mentioned in I Know Dino as well as in response to other studies in The Conversation and twice in Gizmodo.

Podcasts: The Skeptics Guide to the Universe, Palaeocast

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Collecting Centrosaurus bones using aseptic tools